Financial Freedom for Physicians and Other Medical Professionals | Semi-Retired MD

Doctors are automatically rich, right? Sadly, I’ve learned over the years that this isn’t always true. While almost all MDs are high wage earners, this doesn’t always translate to genuine wealth and financial security. 

Student loan debt, consumer debt for things like cars and homes (as delayed gratification after medical school), medical billing challenges, and other issues often lead to financial struggles, which in turn can lead to long work hours, more debt, and professional burn-out. 

Leti and Kenji Asakura, founders of Semi-Retired MD, are on a mission to turn this model on its head with educational resources and tax strategies for physicians and other high wage earners. I recently sat down with Kenji to discuss his path to financial literacy and security as both a physician and business guru, and his passion for helping other doctors break this vicious cycle. 

Check out Kenji’s full interview below, or grab the audio only version from our podcast.