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Professional property management for flex leasing, long term and medium term rentals, and coliving.

Successful Florida real estate investors understand the importance of having professional property management in place to minimize their stress, increase their revenue, and free up their time for more important pursuits (such as growing their Florida estate portfolio).

As real estate investors ourselves, we have a keen understanding of the importance of maximizing your market rent while minimizing vacancy rates and expenses on your real estate investment portfolio.

We offer a full spectrum of flex leasing and property management in St Petersburg and throughout the Tampa Bay area. From advertising rental property listings in Tampa, St Pete, Clearwater, showing your vacant rental property to prospective tenants, to furnishing and staging medium term rentals for Airbnb, VRBO,, and Furnished Finder, to background screenings and credit checks, to inspections, rent collections, and tenant maintenance requests, we leverage technology to keep your costs low, and your St Petersburg rental properties running smoothly.

Long Term (Annual) Unfurnished Rental Property Management

We manage long term unfurnished rentals in St Pete, Clearwater, Tampa, and surrounding areas, with an emphasis on maximizing market rent and rent collections, while minimizing vacancy and turnover costs. 

Medium Term Furnished Rental Property Management

We offer full service professional medium term rental management, to include setup, furnishing, photography, and listing/booking management for furnished medium term rentals in the St Petersburg area only. Other areas of Tampa Bay will be considered on a case by case basis.

Our medium term rental management leverages technology such as dynamic pricing, centralized marketing channel management, keyless smart locks, and direct booking options to lower costs and maximize profitability.

Flex Leasing 

One size rarely fits all when it comes to property management, and investors hate putting all of their eggs in one basket.

We have perfected a flex leasing business model where we can offer investors and landlords the perfect mix of long term rentals, short to medium term rental management, and even coliving options across their portfolio of rental units. 

For example, a single property can have some units as long term unfurnished rentals, others as medium term furnished rentals, and some can be offered by the room in a coliving model, allowing you to pivot quickly to take advantage of market trends and maximize occupancy and rental  income. 


Our mission is to maximize our owners’ return on investment by providing safe, well-maintained housing for tenants and guests at reasonable market rents.


Our standing goals, which guide our decision-making at all times are: 

  • Maintaining the condition of your properties, to include major systems and components, cleanliness, curb appeal, and safety. 
  • Minimizing operating expenses.
  • Maximizing rents and rent collections. 
  • Reducing vacancy and turnover. 

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