Professionally managed co-living home share properties in St Petersburg, Florida!

co-living space in st petersburg flCopeland Morgan LLC is the foremost property management company for co-living (home share) properties in St Petersburg, FL! Landlords and tenants alike trust us to provide safe, well-furnished, and affordable co-living home share options for professional adults, contract workers, and others in need of flexible lease terms with utilities and other amenities included.

What is co-living/home share?

Co-living has been described as “roommates for grown-up professionals”, and is essentially home sharing, which is actually nothing new. People have been living with roommates, renting rooms, and sharing homes and living space since the dawn of time. But the coliving home share trend has taken off in recent years as rent prices have soared in many metro areas and companies such as PadSplit, Bungalow, and Docked have developed online platforms for co-living home-sharing options.

Our co-living home share model typically consists of fully furnished common areas (kitchen, living room, dining room, and outdoor living space) coupled with private bedrooms (which may be furnished or unfurnished, often a mix of both), many with private entrances and ensuite bathrooms. Our residents lease their private room, and enjoy access to all of the home’s shared common areas and amenities, which are usually shared by 3-4 other residents.

Copeland Morgan LLC takes co-living home share property management in St Petersburg FL to the next level with top-notch professional management, flexible lease terms, high-end furnishings, fully screened residents, and clear co-living rules for our home share rental rooms.

Co-living / home sharing is popular with young professionals transitioning from college, contract workers such as travelling nurses, and anyone in need of a flexible lease who doesn’t want to invest in expensive and bulky common area furniture such as couches, dining sets, and kitchen furnishings (we provided these for our residents in all of our coliving home share properties in Pinellas County!).

Co-living Home Share Benefits for Tenants

One of the top benefits for co-living/home share tenants is reduced housing costs. Affordable housing continues to be a serious challenge for transitioning college graduates and contract workers in the Tampa Bay area, and our co-living home share model enables our residents to enjoy the benefits of living in a large, nicely furnished single family home in a safe neighborhood for a fraction of the cost of leasing the entire home.

Another major benefit of coliving home share is flexibility. Our residents enjoy flexible lease terms with all utilities included, which gives them total adaptability in terms of timing and length of their lease, and eliminates the cost and hassle of utility deposits and transfers.

In addition, the safety and security of our co-living home share residents is our top priority.  With co-living, our residents avoid living alone, and all of our co-living properties feature digital keypad entry locks on all exterior doors, as well as on interior doors that access our private rooms.

Finally, all of our residents undergo a thorough screening and background check, so you can rest assured your co-living home share housemates are reputable individuals with no serious criminal record and positive rental history.

Co-living Home Share Benefits for Landlords

There are two primary benefits for co-living home share landlords: Increased rental income, and reduced vacancy and turnover costs. A typical 4 or 5 bedroom home configured as co-living space can generate 50 to 100% more rental income than a traditional long term lease, and our co-living rental properties rarely experience 100% vacancy. In addition, turnover costs are minimized because vacancies typically only involve the turnover of a single unfurnished bedroom.

Co-living Home Share Household Rules

The key to a successful and harmonious co-living home share household is a clear set of rules that all residents agree to adhere to in advance. We’ve put a lot of thought into our co-living home share standards and take them very seriously. Please review our co-living rules before applying for one of our co-living home share properties in St Petersburg.

Co-living Home Share Credit Check & Background Screening Requirements

Our background check and screening requirements for co-living home share residents can be found here.

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